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-- Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not. -- Robert F Kenedy


Destination Wedding Videography/Cinematography
Wedding/Christening Cinematography & Videography.


Wedding day Photography | Location photography.

And even more

Short movies | Same day edit videos | Music videoclips.

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-- "You've got to show your soul otherwise you're just a piece of equipment." -- Sylvester Stalone

Skevi and Savvas
Georgia and Savvas
Elsa and Kypros
Dragana and Fady wedding
Apostolos and Ioli
Stelios and Chrysanthi
Despina Olympiou
Lazaros Kontozis
Under the Sea
Raiders of the Proposal
Skevi & Savvas
Katerina & Stavros
Alexandra and Marios
Mary and Marios
Virginia and Socrates
Izambela & Adamos
Mikaella & Themis
Dragana and Fady
Markos & Eleni
D and M
Demetrios & Michelle
Stephanie & George
”Temple of Love”
Xaralampos & Kyriaki

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About Us

-- "When you find the right components in your life, the right people, that gel with you, then you feel as though you're invincible" -- Sylvester Stallone

in the land before my time was always trying to find a way to communicate with the words best feelings, the feeling of love and happiness.
Lucky me i found this instrument via filmaking and videos.
I was always a dreamer and a hoper that one day I will do the thing I love the most
but as a very bad student all the odds where againts me and yes there was time i was feeling that i will end up one day being a zero.
I never gave up and I was always doing what I was loving the most at my free from schoold time. I was making movies with friends and that was the thing i was caring the most.
having real friends around me i was feeling so motivated to build more and more
in this journey and during this teenager time I felt in love with the Rocky Movies
and I got so much inspiration and magic from them
the story of the underdong that go thru his ultimate path and at the end he go the distance became my eye of the tiger to believe even more.
but it was too early for me to see a different
i started working with my dad at building constructions so i can afford living and i tried to attend a college in cyprus.
on my first attept a teacher there rejected me and told me i need to find something else to study and avoid videos as a job and like this i left back to the constructions
on my second attept few years later I found a place but it was too EXPENSIVE and i had to drive nicosia-larnaca daily while i was still working at constructions.
I did a semester in that college and I had some courses but I was feeling way empty!
My happiness were always coming via creation of movies so I dropped the college after some months and I became again full time builder at the family business
and I set to my self a new goal.
i really wanted to create my own movie and this what happened for the next 2 years.
i took some friends and after 175 filming days i made my own oscar the movie and not only that i rented a cinema to present it to more people
one of those people that night saw my movie and asked me to film his wedding.
i wasnt very sure about it as I was always seeing wedding videos as missrables and boring and i rejected the offer but he didnt hear my answer and one week before his wedding 8 months later he called me to check if am ready to film his video.
i was shocked and supriced as i was really out of it but i felt guilty and i went forward to do it………….
i made my first wedding by mistake and fairytale in the business started like this and
a whole new world opened for me that I didnt know that it was exist!
I saw beyond the camera and not only behind the camera
i saw happy people and excited people
i saw moments and real feelings
i saw grandmothers feeling emotional
i saw parents being proud
i saw couples really in love
i saw stories and history …………
and i felt MOTIVATED and enchanted and
oscar studio became my new reality
and Hey yooooooooooooo I DID IT
for myself and for the people that supported me so much all of this years with their incredible love and smile .